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Destination Organization will assist their clients to the greatest extent to help them achieve a less stressful life and reach their fullest potential. We will provide organizational services; resources for donations, recycling, and outsourcing; support; focus; expertise; and a customized organizational system that suits your personality. We pledge to follow the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals’ code of ethics at all times, provide honest feedback, give our clients our undivided attention, and strive to understand our clients’ situations and how our clients think. We hold our client’s information confidential and we do not judge your situation. We promise to only take clients that fit our areas of expertise and to recommend another professional organizer to those who do not match our skill set.

Jamie Destination Organization professional organizer


Professional Organizer & Product Consultant

Jamie Martin created Destination Organization in 2005 as a way to fulfill her passion for helping others and create the flexible work life of an entrepreneur. Upon graduation from Northern Illinois University, Jamie started her career in consumer products marketing and worked for First Alert, Sunbeam-Oster, Home Products International, and Fellowes. Jamie even touched upon her future career while working as product manager of bath and kitchen organization products. Jamie has had life-long training as an organizer and continues her education through reading, networking, and attending events through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. She has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, My Suburban Life, Naples Daily News, Smead Video Podcast, Glancer Magazine, and on Naperville Community Television. Jamie lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, with her very unique son. She enjoys her family, travel, gardening, cooking, baking, wine, softball, all things Italy as well as helping others find peace through organization.



Much of the client work is done with Destination Organization’s owner, Jamie Martin, but there are times where additional professionals are needed due to scheduling conflicts. We contract with professional organizers who have similar experience, knowledge and ethics to that of Jamie. She personally selects each professional who works with Destination Organization’s clients.

“My goal was to be able to park both cars in our garage, something we have not been able to do since we moved in. I thought Jamie would come in, look at what I had and recommend a shed or some cabinets. What she did was to help me sort through my things and keep the things I needed while discarding the things that I did not need. She also helped me to create an organization system that made sense to me so when I get a new tool or supply, I know where it should go. I also was able to reuse many of the storage containers and hooks that I had. I saved a ton of money over buying a shed and just moving the clutter around. Thanks Jamie!”
“Jamie is fabulously organized and has a great sense of priorities. She commits to only what she can accomplish with zest and she is full of energy and ideas for whatever she commits herself to. Jamie helped me design my space when we went through a major remodel. She came up with some kitchen ideas that I am so thankful for to this day. Thanks Jamie!”
“Thanks for working with my daughter (14). It’s amazing what you did for her in 12 short hours. Everyone is amazed at the transformation. She LOVES her room and is doing a great job of keeping it up. She really enjoyed working with you and has thanked me several times for bringing you in. After your first visit, I called & asked how it went and her comment was, “she really knows what she’s doing!”. We plan to have you back for more. It was a really good experience working with you. Your services were worth every penny.”
“Jamie spoiled me with the great way you listened and heard me, the written summary of our work together, and the awesome suggestions for the reality of my kitchen and bathroom. Thank you for what you do.”
“I can’t thank you enough for showing me how to organize all of my computer files and emails! It also feels so incredible to have a system in place for keeping my desk uncluttered! I feel like my business and my personal life are so much better balanced after you taught how to manage my calendar and tasks. Thank you!”
C.B., Children’s Music Performer & Teacher/Business Owner
“I can’t tell you how much you inspired me after the organization party last week. I feel so much better now that I removed the corner of clutter from my kitchen and organized a working binder for my household/kids. Thank you for your ideas and inspiration!”
“I highly recommend taking on an organizing project with Jamie. Had I realized all the other benefits I’d enjoy from having my kitchen project behind me, I would have started sooner. Along the way, Jamie made suggestions about how to make recycling easy, donating items we would not use, and gave tips to stay organized. Jamie is very matter of fact and not judgmental. I like to think she’s seen far worse clutter and chaos than mine! I felt very comfortable showing her my personal embarrassment!

With Jamie’s help, I am now freed up to enjoy family time, cooking meals, and paying more attention to my family’s health. I also learned some organizing principals that I can apply to other areas of my house and even my work.”

“Jamie has assisted in the organization of my home office and work space. She has been creative, yet practical, and considerate of my individual lifestyle and work routine. She is efficient with time and follows through with ideas. Each session has been productive and beneficial.”
S.W., Speech and Language Pathologist, Business Owner
“Now that Jamie helped me organize my kitchen and pantry, I feel like I can live with my kitchen until we remodel.”