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Do your plastic bowls fly around and flip over in the dishwasher, only to come out still dirty or full of soap?   Do you try to find ways to keep your plastic bowls in place so they’ll get clean?  I love my Ziplock plastic bowls but they are so light that they rarely stay in place.  Even the heavier Tupperware bowls flip over sometimes.

I saw this at Wal-Mart over a year ago and bought it on a whim.  Band It is a clip and rubber band system that allows you to hold your plastic bowls in place in the dishwasher.  The answer to my life’s greatest problem!  I just love this product!!  It actually works really well, is simple to use and inexpensive. I also love it because it saves me time because I don’t have to rewash bowls that flipped over.

I prefer not to wash my stemware by hand but am concerned they’ll break in the dishwasher.  Now I use Band It to hold stemware in place so they don’t clank and break.

I needed a replacement set after heavy use and the Walmart by me didn’t have them anymore but they are available at Band It at Amazon.com.

Do you suffer from the same plastic bowl issue?