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A couple of years ago, I had a client in search of the best standing desk.  When I researched back then, I didn’t find many options, but the idea of a standing desk was intriguing so I kept my eyes on the subject.

Fast forward a few years and there’s a standing desk revolution.  There are many kinds of desks and options to choose from, unlike what I saw when first researched these desks!  The current desks have variable heights that can be adjusted any time by pushing a button or using a crank.  I love this idea as you can readily move from standing to sitting anytime without much time wasted adjusting.

There are studies coming out that show the detriments of sitting for so many hours a day so I think this concept is worthy of a look.  In fact, the ability to move from standing to sitting and back again seems to be the best of both worlds in regards to your health.  Before you buy the best standing desk, learn about the features of these desks and the health benefits and other considerations for standing while working by taking a look at this in-depth review by WorkWhileWalking.com.

Regardless of which kind of desk you use for standing or sitting, always ensure you have proper ergonomics with your posture, keyboard, monitor and any other desktop items that you reach for frequently.  You will undo all the positive effects of the stand/sit option if you end up with carpal tunnel syndrome and a kink in your neck!

Have you tried standing at work yet?  What are your recommendations for the best way to make this work well?  Has standing improved your productivity or your health? Now if you want to learn how to increase your productivity at work, read my other blog post.