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Have you ever driven around your neighborhood in the dead of winter and noticed how many people park their nice cars outside their 3-car garage?  What’s the garage full of that keeps them from parking in there?  I’ll tell you what’s in there!  Old junk their family no longer needs and bulk purchases from warehouse clubs!

I don’t understand the logic behind buying say, toilet paper or paper towels, in bulk so you can save a few bucks and then parking your $25,000 (or more!) car out in the elements.  Is the $5-$10 you save each year buying toilet paper in bulk worth displacing your nice car?  And who wants to scrape the ice off of their car,

especially if they don’t have to?

I have also had clients who have had to purchase storage, like shelving, to house all the bulk purchases that they saved money on.  I’m n

ot sure the logic makes sense there either.

And then there’s the time that you have to spend managing your bulk purchases: driving further to get to a warehouse store, making room, reorganizing so the oldest stuff is consumed first…Oh, wait, you don’t rotate your perishables?  Pantry so deep you don’t know what’s back there?  Then you’re wasting money on OTC drugs, canned goods and boxed items that have gone bad.  But, hey, you got a good deal so…I’ve seen this at client’s homes plenty of times.

Back to your time.  Your time is valuable, right?  Isn’t “more time” something we all wish for?  Why spend your free time finding places to stuff your paper towels or 10 cases of soda?  I’ve never heard anyone wishing for more paper towels.

Are you a warehouse club shopper? Do you find yourself throwing away club items that have gone bad?