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The Challenge-Make This Fit!

Do you have a “closet organizing system” that is comprised of one long shelf and one hanging clothes bar?  I hardly call this a closet organizing system!  This is the problem with closet organizing.  Many of us have closets configured just like this.  (Every time I look at a new, pricey home, I wonder why the builder used this type of closet system instead of a useful one!)  Well, if this is the problem with your closets, I have a solution for your closet chaos!

Closet Organizing System Problem

Closet organizing system design plan

The plan

I needed to adjust some things in my guest room because I removed one dresser from the room and had to move some things that were in the bathroom vanity into the closet.  I found myself with many more items that needed to be stored in the closet!

While the closet is pretty large, it was set up with the standard “closet system” –  one shelf, one bar.  This would be great if I had lots of ball gowns to store!

The Solution

I took my own advice and invested in a closet system that would hold the types of items I needed to keep in there.  I purged what was no longer needed and then put together the puzzle of what kind of storage (shelves, hanging, baskets) I needed.  I worked with The Container Store to develop my Elfa System closet plan and ordered it up.

What’s your worst closet in the house? Do you have a closet you’d like made over? I can share my expertise in this kind of puzzle! Contact me today to schedule your closet makeover!

Take a look at all that I was able to fit into this closet AND it’s easy to access!  Want to see more closet makeovers?  Check out my Before and After Closet Organizing Photos!

closet organizing system Organized new closet

It fits!