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DIaper HolderThinking about the environmental benefits of cloth diapers but aren’t sure you’re up to the task?  Below are some easy cloth diaper tips. Using cloth diapers really is a breeze once you get a system going, I promise!

There have been many advancements in cloth diaper covers since I was using them 10 years ago.  The ones I had were simple covers that you laid the diaper in (tri-folded) and closed it with the Velcro closures, no pins necessary.  Now they also have ones that are the cover and diaper all in one.  Many have snaps and some are “one size fits all”.  Although using a one size fits all diaper will save you money over sized diapers, I think you will find that the one size really doesn’t fit a newborn.

  • Before you commit to a brand or style, buy a few different kinds and try them out.  After a few days, you will know which one is right for you
  • Store folded diapers in standard diaper holder
  • Wash diaper covers after a few air-dries, unless it gets poopy. I hung the covers on the shower rod to dry
  • Whether using a diaper washing service (if you can find one) or not, dump the poop in the toilet before putting into the diaper pail.  That will reduce smells
  • Use the Diaper Champ pail because cloth won’t fit into the Diaper Genie
  • Place a stick up air freshener in the diaper pail or place a perforated plastic container in the bottom that has water and baking soda in it.  Change every week or two
  • If you’re washing your own, rinse poop off by dunking in the toilet!  Sounds gross but that’s what our moms did!  Better that than putting mushy poop in the washing machine. The poop part gets easier as it becomes more solid
  • Buy a small garbage can with a lid for the baby’s room to put used wipes in
  • When they get older, buy “diaper doublers” to insert inside the cloth diaper.  (Put it inside so it would be one less thing to get poopy.)  It looks like a big maxi pad and provide extra absorption for the bigger pees they do when they eat and drink more. This can work for overnight as well
  • Be aware that some clothes won’t fit well over a bulkier cloth diaper
  • Purchase a set of onsie extenders as they are a must for cloth diaper usage. These make the onsie shirts longer to fit over the big diaper
  • When out of the house, be sure to have a wet bag to drop used diapers into until you return home
  • Use disposables for convenience!  No need to be a cloth diaper Nazi.  You’re doing the environment a great service by using them the majority of the time so use the occasional disposable and don’t feel guilty

Are you sold?  Will you try them?  Share your more cloth diaper tips in the comments below.