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Do your kids seem to take an eternity to get ready for school in the morning?  Yes, mine too!  Sometimes the reason is simply that the kids don’t want to go to school so they drag out the inevitable as long as possible.  But often, there is something else causing the getting ready for school routine to take too long.

If you find your child half ready for school, sitting in their room playing or reading, maybe they have gotten lost in the process.  They may have been distracted by the toys in their room or the thoughts in their head.  This can be the case with any child but especially if your child has ADHD (ADD).  Maybe when you say, “get ready for school”, they don’t know that means to not only get dressed but also brush their teeth and feed the dog.  It may seem obvious to us but it probably isn’t to them.

I suggest trying a checklist of the expected morning routine.  A checklist is an excellent organizational tool for everyone and is an especially good tool for kids with ADHD!  It can teach organizational skills, keep your child on track, get them back on track if they get distracted, and creates independence.  Get them involved in the creation of the checklist to obtain their buy-in.

Another excellent benefit is that you can tell them, “check your list” and empower them to get back on track on their own without you having to nag!  Bonus!

I like this list because it is interactive with the magnets that move from “Not Done” to “Done”.  It keeps them a little more engaged with the list.  As they get better at completing the routine, they will likely not need the list anymore.

In what ways can you use a checklist to help your kids?