pile of shoesWhat does a professional organizer do to help a client with home organization or office organization?  When I first talk with someone or get an email request from a potential client, I get asked many questions like, “what does a professional organizer do?”.  Let me shed some light on the subject. You can also watch this video that shows me in action!

Typically I talk with a potential client on the phone to see what the project entails and make sure we’re a good fit for each other.  I don’t take on projects that I am not passionate about or that I’m not well-suited for.  But I will help you find another organizer who is a specialist in your needs if I am not the right one.

Once we’re comfortable with the project and each other, we schedule an appointment, usually, they are 3 hours.  This gives us enough time to get a lot done and clean up a bit at the end so you can live in the space until we get back to it.

At the first appointment, we spend some time looking over the area in question (or your time management, if that is the case) as well as other areas in the home or office.  I like to take a quick look around so I have a basic view of the place so I can make appropriate recommendations as we move through the project.  For example, I certainly can’t suggest keeping rarely-used appliances in the basement if there is no storage space available there.

So What Does a Professional Organizer Do?

The basic home organization or office organization process involves the following:

  1. Identifying goals, identifying what is working and what is not working currently.
  2. We then start sorting an area of the room, desk or closet, for example.
  3. We look for items that are no longer useful, needed, or loved that we can pass on to someone less fortunate.  I provide recommendations on where to donate items and where to recycle items you no longer need.
    professional organizing in process

    In Process – Post-it Notes Show Where Categories Will Be Stored

  4. We sort like items together in bins so we can identify how much of each category we have and determine where the best place is to keep the category.
  5. Once that is settled, we’ll decide if we need a new container for the items or if we can use something you already have.  We put the items in their new home and label the containers so everyone knows where to find and return things.
  6. My clients then live with the system for a while to see if it is working or if it needs minor adjustments.  I encourage them to call me with questions.

I provide the encouragement, expertise, focus, and tools to make the process easier and successful.  I strive to set up systems that are easy to maintain and customized for how you think and work.

I also encourage my clients to take on small bites of homework to exercise the skills they start picking up while working with me and as a way to save them some money.  We continue this process until the project gets done.

Some clients think of me as a personal trainer for home organization!  They know they just won’t get to it unless I’m there supporting them.  Occasionally my clients will have me come back regularly to help with maintenance too.

organizing project complete

Everything is sorted and stored away!

My clients feel so wonderful when they have completed a project and start enjoying their home or office more.  They feel relaxed, are more productive, and have the ability to find things when they need them!

What kind of service do you wish I provided?  Is the above what you thought a professional organizer did?

Find out more about Destination Organization services on our website or get inspiration from our before and after photos of organizing projects.  I provide free 20-minute phone consultations.  Give me a call today at 630-561-8018 so we can discuss how I can make your life easier!