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You don’t have to gut your bathroom to get some better storage.  Here are a few DIY bathroom storage solutions you can do to make your bathroom organized and functional:

  • Purge all the old toiletries you haven’t used in ages.  They do go bad!  (I used some really old aloe once and it burned my arm.  Really!  But that’s in another post…)  If you

    If you don’t have space, don’t buy it!

    purge old stuff, things you no longer need and vow to stop buying the latest scent of every lotion and potion, you’ll have more storage than you know what to do with!

  • Add a medicine cabinet.  I suggested this to a client recently as a replacement for their large mirror.  There really wasn’t enough proper storage for mousse, hair spray, and the like, even after we purged a ton.  This should be a fairly easy installation, unless there’s wiring or ductwork behind it, but will likely require paintundersinkdrawerunit touch-up.
  • Add a shelf or, better yet, a roll-out shelf under the sink!  I added a shelf to my guest bath vanity and it provided a ton of extra storage for towels and cleaning products.  This was totally simple and cheap too.
  • Use baskets to group like items that are small.  Label the basket as to what goes in it.  This will keep little items from rolling around and getting lost.
  • Use a lazy Susan to make your supplies visible and easy to access.

What needs better organization in your bathroom? What’s the oldest and scariest thing in there?