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We recently completely gutted our master bath and remodeled so I took the opportunity to build in a nice bathroom organization system.  Shocking, huh?  Me, a professional organizer making the effort to build in organization into a room!  All kidding aside, I really believe that remodeling time is the best time to shore up or create awesome organization.  There’s so much you can do when you’re starting from scratch that can’t be done easily when you’re trying to tweak a room you already have.

I thought I’d share what we did to get your mind thinking of ways to adapt these ideas in your household organization systems.  The main highlights of our new bathroom organization system are:

  • Separate vanities with drawers rather than cabinet doors.  Drawers are so much easier to organize because they pull out to reveal all the contents.  A shelf in the vanity serves as a black hole!
  • We added medicine cabinets!  Sounds simple but we had a large mirror spanning the length of the room but no cabinet.  This provides proper toiletry organization because these bottles are better off standing upright to be leak-free and gravity-feeding the product.
  • We had a custom, free-standing cabinet built to stand between the vanities that replaced a shelving system and cabinet base that we had previously.  The top part of the cabinet pulls out to reveal shelves so we can see all our extra supplies.  (See photo to the right.) Love it!!  Roll-out anything is great storage in my mind.  This cabinet also has roll-out storage for the garbage and recycling bins.
  • There are two built-in shelves in the shower to accommodate all the shower supplies.  It’s nice to no longer have a shower caddy.
  • The last item is purely luxury but worth mentioning.  We had in-floor heating installed under the tile.  This almost makes me wish it was winter so I could walk over its toasty surface!  Planning ahead and having this feature on our wish list made this one happen.

Where can you apply these ideas in your home organization plan?  Have a remodeling project coming up and need help with space planning?  I can help!  Ask your questions here.

Even if you’re not planning on remodeling, you can have an organized bathroom!  Check back soon for my retrofit bathroom organization options.