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I asked my fans on Facebook what room needed organization the most and how to organize a master bedroom closet was a top response.  Not surprising, right?  Nobody can see it most of the time so we can let it go…Since closet organizing is something I help my clients with all the time, I thought a post on how to organize a master bedroom closet was in order.

It all starts with too much stuff!  In 1930, the average woman had 36 pieces of clothes in her closet. Today, the average person has 120 items of clothing, but 80% go unworn, according to Cladwell, a startup that helps consumers create capsule wardrobes.  So why do we keep buying so much stuff and are only wearing 24 pieces?

Here in the fine USA, we have a stuff problem.  It starts with a consumer society, a culture that considers shopping and deal-seeking a hobby and an abundant amount of inexpensive goods at every turn….tempting us.

How to Organize a Master Bedroom Closet – 6 Steps

Now that you know how it got that way, how do you fix the master closet problem, you ask?

  1. Get several large plastic bags for donations
  2. Sort through every item and ask yourself:
    • Do I love it?
    • Does it make me look fabulous?
    • Is it my current size? (When you lose the weight, you’ll want to get new clothes!)
    • Is it in good condition?
    • Is it in style currently?
    • If the answer is no to any of these, donate to those who truly NEED more clothes. If you fear you’re not going to be honest with yourself, ask a candid friend (or, preferably me!) to help you sort your clothes
  3. Place all keepers into piles or labeled boxes/bins in categories like work shirts, dress pants, casual shirts, jeans, workout clothes, dress shoes, scarves, ties, etc.
  4. Now that all the like items are together, take a second look to see if you have more of any category than any human really NEEDS.  Do you have 20 pairs of black pants?? Bet you didn’t know how many you really had, did you?
  5. Assign homes to all the categories placing items worn most often in prime real estate (easy to reach), rotating out of season to the back or in bins on a high shelf.  The goal is to make getting clothes out and put away as easy as possible! If your closet is like most, you’re going to need some organizational tools to help put it together.
  6. Contact me to discuss your master closet disaster! I can create the organizational system of your dreams.  It will feel like you’re shopping in your very own boutique in the comfort of your home.

Closet Organizing Inspriation

Below are some great ideas to make the most of your closet. Which ones can you use today? Share with us your ideas!

Organizing Closet Before How to organize a master closetOrganizing Closet After how to organize a master closet
Over the door shoe organizers
Labeled Container how to organize a master beddroom closet

Be sure to label your containers so everything makes it back to the right place

Drawer unit

Buy a drawer unit or use an old one in your close

Closet Rod Doubler how to organize a dorm

Double your pleasure for $10!

Messy Closet how to organize a master beddroom closetOrganized Closet how to organize a master beddroom closet

BEFORE-Too much stuff and it is difficult to get what you need

AFTER-Purged and organized to place the items worn most often in easy reach. Easy to maintain and we didn’t buy any organizational tools!