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Clear the Junk From the Any Drawer in 4 Easy Steps

Feeling overwhelmed by your clutter and don’t know where to start?  Break the big job into small, 30-minute projects like a single drawer to conquer and see how it motivates you to continue on with your organizing!  Many of my clients get inspiration from completing one small project! You can also try setting a timer for 20-30 minutes and make the task a time challenge to make it more interesting.

Here are 4 steps to clearing the junk from the “junk drawer” –

1.       Empty the contents of the drawer on a table or counter located by the drawer.

2.       Sort all the items in the drawer into like categories.  You’ll likely find categories like these: batteries, cutting tools, measuring tools, pens, pencils, adhesives, paper, tools, garbage, recycling, goes somewhere else in the house.  Try to avoid the miscellaneous category.  Miscellaneous only opens the door for random clutter to be dumped.   Set aside the stuff that belongs somewhere else in the house.  You’ll put this away when you’re done

3.       Find or buy drawer organizing containers that will fit your categories.  Try using check book boxes and other small boxes you have on hand.  The boxes need to fit in your drawer so if you’re heading out to buy some, measure your drawer first.  Next, fill the containers, label them and arrange them in the drawer.   Labeling is important because it erases any ambiguity as to what should be in the container!

4.       If you still have more stuff than can comfortably fit in the drawer, you’ll need to purge further.  Ask yourself which items actually get used often and are convenient to have in this drawer.  Ask yourself how many of each item do you really need handy.  Thirty pens?  Probably not!  If the items don’t meet the criteria, store them somewhere else or donate them.

Try this method on any drawer in your home or office and let me know how it worked!

What’s your junk drawer look like? Is it functional?

What other area can you tackle today in just 30 minutes? One table top? One drawer?  Get started!