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Please enjoy this guest post by Andrew, a Chicago-area garage specialist.  Fall is here and so is the colder weather once again.  But before it gets too cold, take advantage of the warmer weather to organize the garage for this new winter season.

Garage Organizing Tips

Here are a few basic tips and ideas for garage organization:

1.       Clear out the clutter:

Start preparing for the season by getting rid of old items that are either trash or could be donated to a local donation center.  By doing so, you will be able to clear up plenty of space on the floor, shelves, or inside of your cabinets for winter gear and tools.  It is also beneficial to clear up floor space so that when snow or rain from the outside ends up in your garage, you won’t end up with a lot of wet belongings.

2.       Keep long term items out of the way:

After cleaning out your garage from extra clutter and bringing out your winter gear, find a

ceiling storage organize the garage

Use the ceiling!

safe place to store your long term storage items to give your some extra room.  If all of your wall space is taken by cabinets and shelves, you can always look to the ceiling!  Look for a strong and sturdy overhead storage system that will be able to hold all of your spring and summer items till next year.

3.       Make winter tools easily accessible:

After putting away the summer items, set up your snow shovels, salt, and other winter tools in places where you can easily reach them when an early snow gets in the way.  To help store your belongings, find a strong shelving system that comes with hooks below the shelves so that you can hang up your tools.

The cold weather does bring warm memories of hot chocolate and family time but it can also bring headaches when you aren’t organized and ready for it.

What are some of the ways that you get ready for the colder weather of the year?

Andrew McFarlane is a community manager for Garage Solutions Chicago.  Garage Solutions Chicago focuses on creating high quality garage organization products such as garage cabinets, shelving, overhead storage, and epoxy flooring.  To learn more visit: Garage Solutions Chicago