Organizing FAQs

Organizing FAQs2022-01-10T09:19:58-06:00
What Does a Professional Organizer Do?2022-01-10T09:16:50-06:00

If you’re a visual person, watch my video that SHOWS you what we do.

If you’d rather read it, check out my blog post:

How Long Does It Take to Organize a Room?2022-01-10T09:17:07-06:00
It depends! I will say that an average room takes 3-9 hours to get organized. How fast the process goes depends on how deep the clutter is, how quickly you can make decisions, how much paper is involved (paper slows things down), and how detailed you want the organization to be. We prefer to create systems that are just organized enough and not overly detailed as to make it hard to maintain.
How Much Does it Cost to Organize a Room?2022-01-10T09:17:16-06:00

It depends and what your goals are and the depth and breadth of the project and stuff in the room. Once we have assessed your project we can estimate how many hours it will take and estimate the cost.

Do I Need to Work with You to Get Organized?2022-01-10T09:17:31-06:00

You will get the best results and be most satisfied if you are heavily involved. That being said, there are sometimes parts of a project that we can work on without the person who owns the stuff. We can often sort things and then have our clients look through the categories to make decisions. Given a little direction, we can unpack and organize with little ongoing input from the client. Once there is a plan for how the room will be organized, we can make that happen and may not need more input from you.

Do I Need to Buy Anything Before You Arrive?2022-01-10T09:17:40-06:00
It’s hard to know what we will need before we have created categories and assess how much stuff there is in each category. Therefore, no need to buy anything but please do have garbage bags on hand for donations, recycling, and garbage.
My clients often have tried to get organized and have many containers. We can empty them out and reuse them in a more efficient way. If we still need containers or some other organizational tools, we will write up a list for you to purchase or we can purchase them on your behalf.
Do I Need to Clean Up Before You Arrive?2022-01-10T09:17:48-06:00

Definitely not. We prefer to see how your place is in its natural state.

Do You Work Hands-On With Your Clients?2022-01-10T09:18:02-06:00
Absolutely! We bring tools and supplies to facilitate the organizing process and we work side-by-side with our clients.
Do You Bring a Team to My House?2022-01-12T15:20:21-06:00

If the project warrants a team effort, we can do that! If you have a quick deadline for project completion or you have minimal availability to work with us, a team effort is our best bet.

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