Time Management and Productivity Coaching

Work life balanceDestination Organization, located in Glen Ellyn, IL (suburb of Chicago), is a proven productivity consulting company specializing in improving your efficiency.

Are you a slave to email?  Always on the clock?  Feeling stressed?  Increasing your productivity at work can reduce costs, increase your bottom line and restore work-life balance. Invest in yourself and your career and make a positive impact on your profitability!

We can coach you in person or virtually, using Skype, FaceTime and/or remote computer access services.

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How can you become more efficient at work?

Our productivity and organization strategies include:

  • Time management – improve productivity via calendar management, prioritization, delegation and smart phones
  • Email management – create email file organization systems, techniques to improve efficiency, improve communications, reduce missed deadlines and clear the in-box clutter
  • Task management – improve productivity via to-do list management and utilization of Outlook/Gmail
  • Computer Organization – create folder organization systems
  • Space organization – offices, cubicles, desks, common office areas
  • Paper organization – mail, filing, archives
  • Organizing skills transfer  – We teach you techniques to maintain the organization
  • Custom organization systems – Created for your personality; easy to maintain

What’s in it for you?

  • Less stress
  • More time for what you do best: sell, create, manage, network
  • Increased productivity
  • Money saved!  No more duplicate purchases, late fees or expediting fees
  • Increased profits
  • Maintainable systems that the whole company can utilize
  • Organizing skills so you can build on what we’ve created
  • Work-life balance!  More time for family, friends, hobbies, relaxing

What special skills does Destination Organization bring to the productivity coaching table?

  • Expertise in Outlook
  • Expertise in using smart phones for productivity
  • Focus and structure
  • Coaching through empathy, inspiration, practicality and humor!
  • Resources for recycling and donating unneeded items
  • Organizing expertise, fresh ideas and a unique perspective on your situation
  • Techniques to help all personality types including creative personalities and ADHD
  • Understanding of your world in order to create custom organizing solutions that incorporate her experience in the corporate world as well as the entrepreneur’s world
  • Recommendations for outsourcing services you need