Organizing Your Household

Organize your closet

Did you know that an organized house is key to a happier life? Did you know an organized house can free up extra time and save you money?  If you are feeling overwhelmed and are tired of the chaos, call Destination Organization.  We can help you organize your house!

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What do we do?

  • Space organization – bedroom, kitchen, office, closet, laundry area, entry way, bathroom, hobby or play room
  • Time management – calendars, to do list, chores and activities
  • Paper organization – mail, filing and children’s activity and school papers
  • Organizing skills transfer  – We teach you techniques to maintain the organization
  • Custom organization systems – Created for your personality; easy to maintain
  • Reuse your storage – We’ll use what you have and/or customize what you need
  • Recycling and donating – We are prepared with many options for finding new homes for your unneeded items
  • Kitchens and entry ways – We specialize in two of the biggest problem areas in most homes
  • Space planning – furniture layout, lighting placement, recommended furniture and storage pieces, kitchen storage recommendations.  We also space plan kitchens, baths, entryways and closets for remodeling and new builds
  • Staging and decluttering – Prepare your house for sale
  • Move in services – Organize your new home right from the beginning!

What’s in it for you?

  • Less stress
  • More time for family, friends, hobbies, relaxing
  • Money saved!  No more duplicate purchases, late fees or expediting fees
  • Maintainable systems that the whole household can utilize without your help
  • Organizing skills so you can build on what we’ve created

What does Destination Organization bring to the table?

  • Focus and structure
  • Coaching through empathy, inspiration, practicality and humor!
  • Resources for recycling and donating unneeded items
  • Organizing expertise, fresh ideas and a unique perspective on your situation
  • Techniques to help all personality types including creative personalities and ADHD
  • An acute understanding of your world in order to create custom organizing solutions
  • Recommendations for outsourcing services you need

How does it work when organizing with a professional?  What do we do?? Find out what a professional organizer does by reading our blog post Professional Organizing Services: What, exactly, does a professional organizer do?