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One excellent productivity tool we all have in our hands, but is highly underutilized, is that smartphone!!  It really is more than a phone, texting device and toy.  I have some simple smartphone productivity tips for you that will make you more efficient and improve your satisfaction with your phone!

  1. Check for apps that can handle various functions and tasks you need on the go. Usually whatever you’re looking for has already been created
  2. Back up your data regularly because your phone will fail or you will drop it in the toilet eventually
  3. Use voice recognition to create and send text messages. Be sure to say the punctuation you would like as you go along so your message will be readable. After you’ve created the message, tell the phone to read it back to you so you can check that it’s what you meant to say
  4. Create email faster by using voice recognition to dictate your message. (iPhone-Select your recipient manually, then touch the microphone on the keyboard to start creating the body of the email.)
  5. Use the search feature to find apps on your phone. (iPhone-swipe down from first line of apps.)
  6. Undo and redo typing on the iPhone by shaking the phone. Then a menu will pop up to select the function you want
  7. Organize your apps into folders such as “social media” or “games”  so they are easier to find and there are less pages to look through
  8. Turn off the email and Facebook notifications so you and those around you are not constantly distracted by dinging
  9. Try turning your phone to vibrate only and turn it face down when you are in a meeting or anytime you really need to focus
  10. Turn off the keyboard click if you will be typing and texting in a quiet area, such as a waiting room (iPhone-Settings, Sounds)
  11. Adjust text size if you’re having a hard time reading text and email messages  (iPhone-Settings, General)
  12. Adjust the brightness of the screen as needed (iPhone-Settings, Wallpapers & Brightness)

Try them out and show your friends and co-workers.  They will be amazed at your vast knowledge of smartphones!  What’s your favorite app or smartphone productivity tip?