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In a recent survey, 56% of working peoplestated that time management is an organizational issue for them.  Forty-six percent stated that email management is a problem and 16% said managing their schedule is a problem. (Survey conducted by National Association of Professional Organizers.) 

Do you have a “crazy” schedule that has you running from dawn until midnight?  Do you often wonder why you’re doing these tasks or attending these meetings?  You’re not alone!

My clients often find themselves being run ragged by other people’s priorities.  They have lost their own goals and priorities in the shuffle of a busy life.  They don’t realize they have chosen to be THIS BUSY. (Read this post on Saying NO and Setting Boundaries.)

Start revamping your work schedule by following these steps:

  • Create a time-blocked view of your work week in order to understand how you are spending your time and how you’d like to spend time
  • Print a blank weekly calendar and block out times for travel, lunch (yes, don’t forget to include it!!), regular meetings, weekly planning
  • Block 2-3 times a day where you triage and respond to email. (I know this sounds impossible but others will adapt to your new process.)
  • Add blocks of time where you can actually work on YOUR PROJECTS, not someone else’s  priority
  • Consider your peak performance times when blocking
    • If you travel regularly for work or have random meetings, you may need to complete this exercise weekly in order to adapt

Sixty percent of respondents in the survey stated they could save 16-60 minutes PER DAY if they were more organized.  Sixty-two percent said they felt LESS STRESSED after working with a professional organizer.  If this sounds appealing to you, contact us.  We can provide a fresh look at your life and guide you through the chaos.

Are you up for the challenge?  What can you do today to save yourself precious time?